Terri Eddy

Tagline: I want to learn to inspire ecological consciousness, worldviews, and change from the inside, out...for our grandchildren

Member since: February 2, 2019

Based in: coast of Maine, USA


I grew up here amid the natural beauty and wonder of Maine, USA, and am a mom of two great grown kids. I'm a high school student environmental club advisor; I develop non-credit enrichment workshops for our town's adult education program (including my favorite, green living); I serve on a town committee that oversees a policy to restrict pesticides; and I enjoy grassroots volunteer opportunities related to climate, renewables, rewilding with native species, permaculture, biodiversity, water health, eliminating toxics, promoting biodiversity, etc.

More about me

  • I'm proud of our two grown children, and momentum of our world's youth eco-activists.
  • I joined this site because I hope to connect with others seeking ecological solutions, in new and inspired ways...then to scale them up, scale them out, but especially scale them deep.
  • I dream of a future where humankind learns to ecologically-evolve, thrive, and co-create with Earth, her systems, and all life...here at the dawn of the Anthropocene.
  • I'm inspired by Family, Nature, youth eco-activists, integral ecology, systems & resilience thinking, permaculture, rewilding, spiritual ecology, inner reflects outer (AQAL), and models of human ecological transition.
  • I feel most alive collaborating and taking action with others on an inspired ecological-vision; immersing in Nature; sharing food, drink, and deep conversations with others around a table or camp fire.

My contributions