Imke Gilsing

Tagline: Writing the 'Tinkerbell Trilogy', a magic memoire, to advocate for a humane and effective psychiatry worldwide

Member since: February 2, 2019

Based in: Bergeijk, The Netherlands


I like to call myself a communicator for social change

I am an anthropologist and filmmaker from profession, a storyteller. For fifteen years I travelled the world, working with and for international development and conservation agencies (such as Greenpeace and UNESCO), from Cambodia to Congo. Giving voice to the voiceless became my mission, by supporting small projects based on people's needs, using video to tell their stories and leading and designing international projects to inspire people for social change.

In 2010 my life changed dramatically. Out of the blue I had a severe psychosis and was locked up in a Dutch hospital in an isolation cell (for ten days!) as part of my treatment. It was a life changing experience, resulting in a new mission: sharing my journey from hell to healing to give voice to the unheard, the psychotics of the world and to contribute to their recovery and humane mental healthcare systems around the world.

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