Annick de Witt

Tagline: Transformation, worldviews, & sustainable flourishing; Process facilitation & event moderation

Member since: January 29, 2019

Based in: The Netherlands



I'm a facilitator, author, researcher, and consultant in the field of cultural transformation for global sustainability. I'm also affiliated with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. I have researched the sociological, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of environmental issues and wrote a doctoral dissertation on worldviews and sustainable transformation. My research resulted in over a dozen academic publications as well as a new worldview-model and test, which are being applied in different settings all over the world, from research to education.

More about me

  • I feel most alive when I'm in nature, do yoga, sing or dance, and especially when I hold my beautiful newborn in my arms!
  • I dream of a future in which humans have discovered the incredible power and joy of collaborating with nature as well as with each other.
  • I'm proud of some of my writing; the online worldview-test (and the research behind it); being a person deeply committed to learning and growth.
  • My current focus is on developing an online learning platform using the worldview-test as a transformative educational tool.
  • I'm good at thinking strategically; organizing; conceptual thinking; writing.
  • I'm looking for connections with other people on this journey of positive impact in the world.
  • One skill I can offer is conceptual thinking.
  • I joined this site because I'd love to be part of an online community of change-makers.
  • I'm passionate about sustainability; good concepts that help us navigate reality; beauty; permaculture; a better world for all.
  • I'm inspired by all the people everywhere working on positive change in their own unique ways.

My contributions

Communal permaculture garden that offers a host of social and environmental benefits while supporting humans and Nature to thrive in collaboration
  culture & worldviews permaculture water / nature / agriculture
Creating an online tool and community to empower change-makers
  sharing & social movements thriveability lab-approach
Free, quick online test supporting you to learn more about your worldview
culture & worldviews education & knowledge generation online test website
This article explains the different worldviews and offers worldview-specific communication-insights
culture & worldviews communication climate change research article
Just some suggestions for anyone working on cool projects
sharing & social movements activism impact-measurement unpublished
Hi guys,I'm really curious to hear what your ideas are. We have created this platform with the hope of empowering change-makers, advancing social innovation and creative collaboration, creating a space for generative conversations etc. What do you think - what is needed for a social platform with this intention to succeed? How can we improve this platform? And then I don't mean improve in the sense of all the nice features we can include and the cosmetic advances we can (and undoubtedly will) do. These are also important of course, but mostly I'm curious about how we can create a tool that delivers on our purpose:How can we invite for deeper, more meaningful conversations?How can we help change-makers from all over the planet find each other, benefit from each other's work and experience, and start to collaborate in new and powerful ways? How can we help change-makers find the resources they need for succeeding in their missions?How can Thriveability Lab become a space of experimentation and new possibility?Anyway, would love to hear your suggestions!
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