Topher Hunt

Tagline: Web application developer with a passion for building things that help noble projects move faster.

Member since: January 29, 2019

Based in: Leeuwarden, Netherlands


More about me

  • I'm passionate about building technologies that help people focus on the causes they care most about.
  • I dream of a future where society runs smoothly because everyone has access to the tools and the autonomy they need in order to do their job.
  • I feel most alive when I'm teaching, sharing, inspiring someone.
  • My current focus is on adjusting to life in the Netherlands!
  • One skill I can offer is web application planning / blueprinting / development / consulting.

My contributions

This book by Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, et al. describes a world where organizations are structured in a way that supports each employee's and stakeholder's personal development and fulfillment, in a way that promotes the organization's efficiency rather than at the expense of it. Describes three companies that have applied the "DDO" principles in various ways to create such an environment. I found it inspiring if a bit intimidating; this vision demands some pretty huge cultural shifts.
psychology & inner development culture & worldviews business & organizational change book
Lean Canvas is an online business plan tool that walks you through filling in a "worksheet" of different questions about your startup idea. I've found that the process of filling out the canvas helps me get clearer on my plan, priorities, and hopes for the business, and what risks I need to address. It's free to use, and the website's blog is also an insightful resource.
planning & productivity business & organizational change website
GTD is a system for organizing your personal tasks, projects, ideas, and reference material that optimizes for organizedness, productivity, and confidence that what you're working on right now is the most important thing to be working on. I've used it for the past 2 years and find it critically important to me feeling good about my work and planning. There's a big learning curve but the GTD book will guide you through the overall mindset, explain the steps, and help you get started without overwhelming you. If you find GTD too complicated, also check out Systemist, a similar but simpler framework.
planning & productivity book
Group chat service like Slack, but structured differently to minimize cross-chatter and optimize for productive, on-topic conversations.
business & organizational change website
A very cool framework for structuring a company / organization into semi-autonomous circles and roles. The goal is to help meetings stay outcome-focused and maximize each person's freedom to fulfill their roles' "purpose". If you're intrigued, I'd recommend starting with the book "Holacracy" on Amazon, then check out other resources at
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Hi everyone! I'm a web developer with a passion for educational reform, developmental psychology, worldview transformation, and environmental sustainability. I'll have some time freed up in the near future and I'd like to find some meaningful project(s) to contribute to. Of course there's lots of companies and web shops looking for programming talent, but I'm most interested in small public-benefit projects that have a plan for improving society, will need web development expertise, and (like so many startups and nonprofits) will have trouble finding my kind of expertise because the industry demand is so high.Where should I be looking to find this kind of project? The standard searches and job boards are so crowded with more generic job offers (gaming, marketing, business analytics, finance, etc.) that I'm finding it hard to zoom in on projects that I'll feel are making some deeper, more valuable impact on society. Thanks in advance for any suggestions & thoughts!
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