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This book by Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, et al. describes a world where organizations are structured in a way that supports each employee's and stakeholder's personal development and fulfillment, in a way that promotes the organization's efficiency rather than at the expense of it. Describes three companies that have applied the "DDO" principles in various ways to create such an environment. I found it inspiring if a bit intimidating; this vision demands some pretty huge cultural shifts.
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A very cool framework for structuring a company / organization into semi-autonomous circles and roles. The goal is to help meetings stay outcome-focused and maximize each person's freedom to fulfill their roles' "purpose". If you're intrigued, I'd recommend starting with the book "Holacracy" on Amazon, then check out other resources at
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Just some suggestions for anyone working on cool projects
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This article explains the different worldviews and offers worldview-specific communication-insights
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Group chat service like Slack, but structured differently to minimize cross-chatter and optimize for productive, on-topic conversations.
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Design guidelines for wise democracy at all scales
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Free, quick online test supporting you to learn more about your worldview
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GTD is a system for organizing your personal tasks, projects, ideas, and reference material that optimizes for organizedness, productivity, and confidence that what you're working on right now is the most important thing to be working on. I've used it for the past 2 years and find it critically important to me feeling good about my work and planning. There's a big learning curve but the GTD book will guide you through the overall mindset, explain the steps, and help you get started without overwhelming you. If you find GTD too complicated, also check out Systemist, a similar but simpler framework.
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