A home for stories, conversations, interviews, essays and art that catalyse the synergy of evolution. Development, insight, perspectives, curiosity, possibilities, creativity, solutions, ideas.

Owner: greenmode+thrive

Home base: Local to N. America, Australia and Europe

Zone of impact: Most likely it will resonate in specific circles connected with interviews, worldwide.

Desired impact

This is about our present and our future. We are experiencing a high degree of disruption, polarization and destruction. We’re hearing a lot about a lot of difficult and challenging shit. But we – humans, society and our social systems – are also developing to dramatically improve the felt experience of life for all. Convergent pathways for a world that is genuinely better for all senient being. A benevolution.

Contribution to the world

We need stories of positive change more than ever; stories that inspire and activate people to make changes in their own lives and connect and catalyze individuals and organizations in co-creation. Benevolution is a place to find these stories where you’ll hear from people, organizations and groups who took a risk to change their lives to change the world in the spirit of benevolence, for the benefit of all, with the energy of evolution.

How you can help

We'd really like to hear about your stories, wholistic (to some degree) connected positive change pieces. At the moment there's a form here: to for contact. There will be one soon on and/or just reply in Trhiveability!

Project background

Creating change challenges us to hold the painful and the promising together. To step past seemingly mutually incompatible perspectives and into practical, ethical flourishing.

Why it's exciting

The potential is to weave together some of the disparate individual and group pieces of brilliance, curating and exploring for common threads. And help surface actionable supportive insights for us all.


I think this will resonate most with people who play with paradigms, are challenged by set structures and/or are simply wishing to connect past our more mainstream superficial news spaces.


Some level of tangible impact (e.g. people listening to or reading ) that is on a scale reasonable in comparison with the effort that goes into it.

How it works

It explores and elucidates what a 'metamodern' society code (collective stage) looks like in practice.

How we measure impact

subscribers; individual and group feedback; interest of others (can come up with tangible measures of such things but they are always going to be qualitative as well as represented by any objective measure).

Potential barriers

Sustainability - while we're not trying to make a living from this at the same time it does need fund itself to some degree. Purely voluntary effort seems like a difficult model however, I know, the Service Space model challenges that/my views on this...

Why this project stands out

Over the last 2 months every conversation I've had around our responsibilities to act - noblesse oblige - recognising our privileges has talked about the need for or power of stories. is centred on such stories

Future vision

It scales in a way that allows consistent daily reach and showcasing of people creating such benevolent evolutionary shifts.