Bloeituin - freely translated as "Thriving Garden"

Communal permaculture garden that offers a host of social and environmental benefits while supporting humans and Nature to thrive in collaboration

Owner: Annick de Witt

Home base: The Netherlands

Zone of impact: Local, but potentially creating a template that can be used elsewhere

Desired impact

We're creating a local permaculture garden, developed and maintained by several families in the neighborhood. The idea is that this garden simultaneously contributes to multiple social and environmental issues, from tackling loneliness to education and development of nature awareness, from local sustainable food production to the strengthening of ecological functions and systems. Plus, it's really fun. The idea is to develop a template that could be used in many other contexts and locations.

Contribution to the world

- Connecting people with nature
- Strengthening ecological functions
- Local, sustainable food production
- Offering possibilities for social connection

How you can help

If anyone knows about similar projects around the world: would love to hear!