Thriveability Lab

Creating an online tool and community to empower change-makers

Owner: Annick de Witt

Home base: The Netherlands

Zone of impact: Global

Desired impact

We are building a social platform that allows positive change-makers across the globe to connect and empower each other, explore new ideas, experiment, and collaborate.

Contribution to the world

Empowering change-makers to support a more thriving world in their own unique ways and responsive to their own local context.
We also aim to offer an alternative for the profit-driven nature of most current social platforms, and all the problems that creates.

How you can help

* Use the platform, upload your own projects and resources and engage in conversations.
* Give us your feedback! Let us know how you would like to use this platform to support your change-making activities in the world.
* Share the platform with your friends and colleagues!
* If you have design, coding/programming, movement building, marketing or any other relevant experience, consider getting in touch with us to see if you can join our team or take on specific tasks and targets.