Principles of Thriveability Lab

Humans thrive in connection with nature.

  • The purpose of this platform is to advance our individual and collective ability to "thrive" in sync with Nature, her systems, and all of life.
  • Our task is to learn to collaborate ~ with ourselves, with each other, and with nature.
  • Science shows that nature tends to make us more happy, healthy, and social, underscoring not only the individual but also the collective benefits of nature in our lives and world.
  • Our natural world is infinitely precious and important, and an awe-some source of potential, wisdom, and inspiration.

Impactful change requires new ways of thinking.

  • Fostering creative change is as much, or more, about achieving positive impacts as it is about reducing negative impacts.
  • Shifting the focus from ‘fixing problems’ to thriving, regeneration, and well-being creates an inspiring sustainability narrative, maybe even a new story for our time.
  • Real change requires changes ‘from the inside-out’ ~ changes amounting to nothing less than a ‘paradigm shift’.
  • Rather than focusing on specific sectors or disciplines, we need integrated solutions that address systems, behaviors, psychology, and culture.

Making change is a collaborative, emergent, personal process.

  • Innovative solutions ‘emerge’ from radical experimentation and self-organization rather than from top-down planning and control.
  • Positive, deep change is made together: Together our creative expression increases, new capacities emerge, and innovative collaborations open up.
  • The quality of our own presence and attention is key to our power and potential as change-makers.
  • Working on our growth and development as individuals is therefore an integral part of bettering our world.

Supporting humans to thrive is key to addressing complex challenges.

  • In essence, people are intelligent, creative, and adaptive. Fostering that human potential is key to addressing our greatest challenges.
  • Fundamentally, we are all part of one human family. The more we stand together, the stronger we become. Protecting the most vulnerable among us means protecting all of us.
  • The most effective recipe for a "thriving" world is empowering people to live a truly "good life" ~ a life in connection with oneself, others, and nature.
  • Our creative challenge is to connect a global, world-centric vision with local action and embodied transformation.

We'd like these principles to be an evolving conversation. What do you resonate with? What do you feel is missing? Please share your thoughts!