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Projects for meaningful change

A home for stories, conversations, interviews, essays and art that catalyse the synergy of evolution. Development, insight, perspectives, curiosity, possibilities, creativity, solutions, ideas.
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Creating an online tool and community to empower change-makers
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Space for dialogue and collaboration

Hi guys,I'm really curious to hear what your ideas are. We have created this platform with the hope of empowering change-makers, advancing social innovation and creative collaboration, creating a space for generative conversations etc. What do you think - what is needed for a social platform with this intention to succeed? How can we improve this platform? And then I don't mean improve in the sense of all the nice features we can include and the cosmetic advances we can (and undoubtedly will) do. These are also important of course, but mostly I'm curious about how we can create a tool that delivers on our purpose:How can we invite for deeper, more meaningful conversations?How can we help change-makers from all over the planet find each other, benefit from each other's work and experience, and start to collaborate in new and powerful ways? How can we help change-makers find the resources they need for succeeding in their missions?How can Thriveability Lab become a space of experimentation and new possibility?Anyway, would love to hear your suggestions!
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Hi everyone! I'm a web developer with a passion for educational reform, developmental psychology, worldview transformation, and environmental sustainability. I'll have some time freed up in the near future and I'd like to find some meaningful project(s) to contribute to. Of course there's lots of companies and web shops looking for programming talent, but I'm most interested in small public-benefit projects that have a plan for improving society, will need web development expertise, and (like so many startups and nonprofits) will have trouble finding my kind of expertise because the industry demand is so high.Where should I be looking to find this kind of project? The standard searches and job boards are so crowded with more generic job offers (gaming, marketing, business analytics, finance, etc.) that I'm finding it hard to zoom in on projects that I'll feel are making some deeper, more valuable impact on society. Thanks in advance for any suggestions & thoughts!
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Resources for impact-makers

A very cool framework for structuring a company / organization into semi-autonomous circles and roles. The goal is to help meetings stay outcome-focused and maximize each person's freedom to fulfill their roles' "purpose". If you're intrigued, I'd recommend starting with the book "Holacracy" on Amazon, then check out other resources at
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This article explains the different worldviews and offers worldview-specific communication-insights
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